Cobra King Forged Tec Iron Review - Joel Tadman tests Cobra's new iron aimed at the low-to-mid handicapper

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Cobra King Forged Tec Iron


  • Easy to align, classy looks with solid overall performance, especially when it came to consistency.


  • Feels slightly head heavy which took some time to get used to.


Cobra King Forged Tec Iron


Price as reviewed:

£799.00 (7-piece set)

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Cobra King Forged Tec Iron Review

This iron is aimed at mid-handicap golfers looking for distance and stability with a modern look.

Key Technology

As well as a thinner and stronger forged 4140 stainless steel face for increased ball speed, a carbon fibre medallion dampens vibration to provide a softer, solid feel. High-density tungsten weights in the heel and toe of the clubhead mean the GC is lowered and centred for added forgiveness. The shafts feature progressive weighting, increasing in 3g increments from lightest in the long-irons. This promotes a higher launch and more speed in the long-irons, while helping accuracy and control in the short-irons. Cobra Connect Smart Sensors embedded in the grips automatically track shots.


Pleasing looks were backed up by solid performance. With a 7-iron loft of 30°, we didn’t quite get the carry distance we were expecting, perhaps because the flight was a touch low, and when you pick the club up for the first time it does feel quite head heavy. But once you’re used to it, putting a repeatable swing on becomes second nature and the benefit of the stability and forgiveness is worth the subtle adjustment.

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Consistency is one of this iron’s strongest features, alongside the looks and the ability to track your performance via Cobra Connect, which we’ve found to be especially useful in analysing common misses and shot patterns. Buy the iron set and you get extra sensors to add to the rest of your clubs, adding even more value.


A generous topline has been combined with minimal offset in a pleasing shape. The white bottom score line against the darker finish makes the clubhead very easy to align.


We found the 7-iron provided ample distance with fairly low spin on a mid trajectory, with carry distances reassuringly consistent.


The black finish looked great and combined with solid performance, the long irons gave higher launch and greater speed, whereas the short irons gave extra control and accuracy.