Titleist T100 Iron Review - Joel Tadman puts one of Titleist's new irons through its paces, the T100.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Titleist T100 Iron


  • Stunning compact looks, solid but soft feel and surprisingly high levels of forgiveness.


  • Smaller profile might be a little too intimidating for some low-handicappers in the long irons.


Titleist T100 Iron


Price as reviewed:

£160.00 (per club)

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Titleist T100 Iron Review

Key Technology

  • The T100 features a forged cavity construction and a thinner, more responsive face. – An average of 66g of co-forged, dual density tungsten optimizes launch within the 3-7-irons and boosts off-centre forgiveness.
  • The irons also boast enhanced sole camber for cleaner turf interaction, less offset and a thinner topline that matches the old 718 CB model. Click here to find out more.

Classic and compact, the single figure golfer will love what they see behind the ball. Clean lines, hardly any offset and a thinner topline with a premium, semi-polished finished oozes class.

The T100 is the model from the new T-Series that most closely resembles the old 718 AP2 iron, which was popular among tour players and low handicap amateurs thanks to the level of forgiveness and playability built into such a compact head.

VIDEO: Titleist T-Series Irons Tested

It certainly looks more like the old 718 CB model at address thanks to being a bit more compact on the top rail, but has even more forgiveness on offer to rescue a poor strike. It feels noticeably solid and soft at impact and the extra camber on the sole helps it glide through the turf a little more easily.


It was a joy to hit and good strikes and results seemed surprisingly easy to come by. With the 7-iron at 34°, it maintains its traditional lofts that the higher speed players will prefer, not creating gapping issues at either end of the bag.

The long irons in the T100 set are especially user friendly. They launch the ball with consummate ease and provide consistent ball speeds and a tight dispersion, even when you’re not expecting it after a poor strike.

While the short irons do offer great feel and plenty of precision, there’s definitely scope to create a mixed set with the 620 CB irons given the next-level feel and workability they provide.


Both visually and from a performance perspective, the T100 represents a step up from the 718 range. It’s not necessarily a giant leap forward - it’s likely that more gains can be found in the T200 and T300 models, but for the better player seeking a forgiving, compact iron that can hit the desired carry distance number time after time, the T100 should certainly be considered if an upgrade is on the cards in 2019 and beyond.