2018 Scotty Cameron Select Putters Review - We test out the Newport from the new Select putter range to see if we could detect any improvements over the previous line

Product Overview

Overall rating:

2018 Scotty Cameron Select Putters


  • Arguably some of the best looking putters on the market - crisp, refined and with a stable feel and excellent feedback


  • They're expensive and the firm feel may not be to everyone's taste


2018 Scotty Cameron Select Putters


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2018 Scotty Cameron Select Putters Review

Aimed At
These premium models are aimed at golfers seeking the ultimate in feel and looks.

Key technology
The new Select putters feature a stainless steel body with an aluminium face inlay for improved weight distribution. Better balance from front to back and side to side helps the putter sit square and flush to the turf. Improved sound and feel are the result of up to 30 per cent more vibration-dampening material placed behind the face. The new Select range includes seven models – four blades and three mid-mallets.

How we tested
We used the Newport 2 model on the fast greens at Dom Pedro Millennium in Portugal to assess its performance.


The Newport 2 is a classic plumber’s-neck blade design. The topline looks thinner thanks to softer edges, it’s generous from heel to toe and it has a prominent black sightline on the flange.

The putter feels perfectly balanced. The midsize Matador grip fits nicely in your hands and the feel at impact is firm but gentle, with a subtle ‘pop’ sound as the ball leaves the face inlay.


Scotty Cameron putters are well known for their craftsmanship and beauty, and the new Select line is no exception. The Newport 2 is a true work of art and it’s clear every area of its design has been carefully considered, from the soft edges between the steps behind the face to the thickness and feel of the midsize Matador grip.

It sits perfectly flush to the ground and the contrast between the black sightline and silver mist finish makes alignment easier, although it seems to naturally sit square.

The sensation at impact is a pure, solid one. It has a firmer feel than most other putters and the relatively shallow face milling creates a noticeable ‘pop’ sound that doesn’t detract at all from the premium appearance and is less clicky than previous iterations.


While the fact remains that these putters are some of the most expensive on the market, you’ll struggle to find a better-looking and feeling putter range than the Scotty Cameron Select.