Odyssey EXO Rossie Putter Review - Joel Tadman gives his verdict on the new Odyssey EXO Rossie putter having given it a thorough test

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Odyssey EXO Rossie Putter


  • Lots of alignment assistance and forgiveness to help the inconsistent putter. Solid feel and excellent roll bolster the appeal.


  • The multi-coloured design won't be to everyone's taste


Odyssey EXO Rossie Putter


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Odyssey EXO Rossie Putter Review

This is aimed at golfers who want a modern-looking putter with forgiveness and lots of alignment assistance.

Key technology
A weight-saving aluminium red section contrasts with a milled black stainless steel body that increases MOI for greater stability on strikes across the face. An all-new White Hot Microhinge insert is slightly firmer and features Microhinge technology from the O-Works range to improve roll. For a premium look, each head is skim-milled – this is a light yet precise milling process that refines edges and corners while giving the surface a beautiful sheen and feel.


The look at address of the Exo putter is as far from traditional as you’re likely to find. The finish oozes class and the red section, which features alignment lines, stands out prominently and helps frame the ball at address. It also allows you to see the path of your stroke more clearly, which some people may find a little distracting.


The slightly larger head shape over the original Rossie, as well as the stronger perimeter weighting, increases the forgiveness thanks to extra stability – it’s noticeable how the feel remains relatively consistent across the face on centre hits as well as slightly heel and toe biased strikes. The Microhinge technology has produced a slightly better roll and a more solid feel off the face over the original too.


The feel and sound should appeal to most golfers too. It’s less jumpy than the original White Hot insert, but there’s still a slight ‘pop’ there at impact with what seems like an appropriate amount of speed. The ball also appears to begin rolling end-over-end nice and early on its journey, helping putts stay online, which we notice most from the 6-10 foot range.

Stability and consistency is helped by the Winn grip, which balances a tacky feel with a size that is neither too big or too small and a shape that fits well to assist with tempo and clubface control.


This putter needs to offer a lot to justify the price tag, and to its credit, there is much to admire. The skim-milled finish creates a premium look and feel, while the red section instantly catches your eye. Being made of a lighter aluminium compared with the steel outer section, the stability this putter offers is exceptional – ideal for inconsistent putters. The alignment features are also perfect for golfers who want or need more visual assistance. The feel off the face is certainly softer than the original White Hot insert and the roll was as pure as any putter we’ve tested this year.