The Golf Monthly test team's Odyssey O-Works putter review, which comprises multiple face technologies to enhance feel and roll as well high-contrast Versa alignment.

Product Overview

Odyssey O-Works putter


  • Easy alignment has been combined with enhanced feel as well as distance control from strike points across the face; it's hard for your putting not to improve.


  • The new silver and black combination is more contemporary, but whether it has improved the look will divide opinion.


Odyssey O-Works putter review


Price as reviewed:

£149.00 (up to £189 depending on model and grip)

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Odyssey O-Works putter review

Key technology
The Odyssey Works family of putters come with a new Fusion RX face insert which combines its White Hot technology with its Metal-X face design via a thin metal mesh to enhance feel and roll by reducing the amount the ball skids after impact. All models incorporate Versa alignment to help aim the face. Various head shapes and styles are available, spearheaded by the Versa 2-ball Fang, which uses black thermoplastic on top instead of stainless steel to place more weight lower, raising the MOI and improving roll.

Will suit
Golfers seeking easy alignment, a soft feel and consistent roll across the face.

Grip Options
Either a Winn or SuperStroke grip come as standard

GM verdict
Easy alignment and a soft feel have always been associated with its most popular putter lines and the O-Works Versa line reinforces that. The variety means you’re bound to find a shape to suit your eye and stroke.

We tested the V-Line, a new mallet shape with a Big-T alignment system to help with stroke path and face alignment. O-Works maintains the effective high-contrast alignment system but with a modern twist through the use of metallic silver instead of white, which does the job just as well.

The feel and roll is pure from a variety of strike points and the forgiveness of the Fusion RX insert boosts confidence over the ball, especially from long range. Distance control has improved slightly with the new face technology. Tank models are good if you struggle with tempo or distance control. The larger SuperStroke grip adds feel and stability.




If you struggle to align your putter on your intended line and struggle to roll the ball close from long distance, there will be a shape in the O-Works putter line that is your perfect match