Golf Monthly's Odyssey White Hot RX putter review, a range that features new technologies to improve both the feel off the face and the roll of the ball on the greens

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Odyssey White Hot RX putters


  • Prominent alignment assistance on a classy looking head with soft feel and excellent roll properties regardless of chosen head shape.


  • If you use a soft ball, you may find the softer face insert doesn’t help with control from long range.


Odyssey White Hot RX putter


Price as reviewed:

£129.00 (and up, depending on model and grip)

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Key Technology
The new face insert on the White Hot RX line is alleged to feel softer than the Fusion RX insert, as well as roll the ball better. It does this through a dual-layer, injected-molded insert that has a softer core made of elastomer to enhance feel, ball speed and sound. The oval Metal-X roll pattern and a paint coating on the face also improves roll.

Will Suit

Golfers who struggle with alignment and need to create a more consistent roll

Odyssey White Hot RX number

GM Review

Soft edges on the putter heads, which boast a premium brushed-satin finish combined with blue trim, make these flat sticks very pleasing on the eye. Alignment aids come in various forms across the models, be it lines, shapes or dots. There should be a shape to suit everyone’s preference.

Improving on the most successful putter insert of all time was always going to be difficult but Odyssey feel like they’ve done this with the new White Hot RX line of putters and we can’t help but agree. The first thing you notice is the feel. Odyssey putters have always felt soft but previous generations have at times felt jumpy off the face, especially on short and mid-range putts. But there is no such problem with the new White Hot RX line.

Thanks to the Metal X roll pattern incorporated into the face without the need for a metal mesh on top, the ball seems to hug the ground much earlier on its journey while still feeling soft, meaning it holds its line better and goes in more often when you make a good stroke.

Many will gravitate towards the 2-ball V-Line model, Odyssey’s best-selling putter of all time, thanks to the easy alignment and extra forgiveness and stability. The classic Odyssey pistol grip is perfect adequate but for many the feel of the SuperStroke 3.0 grip, which comes with a £20 upcharge, will genuinely enhance the overall feel and goes a long way to reducing unwanted wrist action.




A condensed yet comprehensive putter line offering excellent feel and roll in a variety of designs and grip options. Plenty of alignment assistance on all head designs, certainly a range worth trying on the practice putting green this season.