The Golf Monthly test team review the Scotty Cameron GOLO putter, a high-stability mallet that offers a pure roll and soft feel as well as easy alignment

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Titleist Scotty Cameron GOLO putter


  • Premium aesthetics, incredibly stable with a soft feel off the face


  • The top-end price tag will put many off


Scotty Cameron GOLO putter review


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Scotty Cameron GOLO putter review

Key technology
The latest putter line from master craftsman Scotty Cameron is the GOLO. It comprises four mallets that feature a steel frame housing an aluminium face-sole core to raise the
MOI, improving stability and forgiveness. The steel and aluminium parts are connected together at five key areas that help to dampen vibration and offer a soft feel at impact. Part of the aluminium core pops through the top to create the sightlines. Each model has four- way relief on the sole to prevent snagging in the takeaway and comes in a silver mist finish.

Will suit
Golfers with minimal toe flow in their putting stroke seeking a soft-feel and premium aesthetics.

We tested
The GOLO 5R model, a face-balanced mallet that has a more rounded shape without additional sight lines

This is a beautiful line of putters with new sight lines that stand out while still maintaining a classic look. All of the mallets on offer provide more stability that many would expect. This is achieved without compromise on outstanding visual appeal.

The counter-balanced model offers particularly impressive control and stability. The new face design offers a softer feel than recent Scotty Cameron putters. The weighting, feel and overall look all ooze quality. The overall feel is enhanced further by the texture and size of the thicker Matador mid-size grip, which now comes as standard. It also helps reduce unwanted wrist interference very effectively.


If you love the look of Scotty Cameron putters but have opted for larger heads than this in the past then you should give these ones serious consideration.