Golf Monthly's TaylorMade OS CB putter review, an oversized counterbalanced trio of putters that provide golfers with stability and forgiveness and a soft feel

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TaylorMade OS CB putters


  • Levels of stability and forgiveness that will be hard to beat in all head shapes. The soft please and excellent roll also impressed, as did the ease with which you could align the face.


  • Oversized look and heavy feel will be too different a feel to adopt for some.


TaylorMade OS CB putter


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The OS and CB written on the bottom of the three head shapes within this new TaylorMade range stands for Oversize and Counterbalanced respectively. As a result, these putters are geared towards maximum forgiveness and stability through a heavier overall weight and higher MOI.

You notice this extra timber as soon as you pick it up and this does take some getting used to when you first start putting with it. But after a while you notice your stroke becomes a lot smoother. You may struggle to release the putter head initially, and therefore miss right, but you’ll soon get a grasp of the way it works and enjoy using it – it almost swings itself!


TaylorMade OS puttersThe Daytona is the blade style clubhead and is one of the longest putters from heel to toe you’re like to find on the market. This boosts your confidence on long putts, not having to worry about striking the ball in the dead centre of the face because there is so much forgiveness on offer.

All three models generate a dull, soft thud at impact thanks to the deep milled aluminium insert. The raised red sight line is certainly prominent enough to assist your aim without overpowering your vision.

TaylorMade monte carlo putter group 

The cherry on top is the Superstroke 2.0 XL grip, which enhances the overall feel in your hands and helps to keep the butt of the putter quiet, thus returning the face back to square more often.


All in all this is an excellent putter offering from TaylorMade. If you like the idea of belly putters and want something that is going to eliminate wrist action and be more consistent from long range, these are certainly worth a go.