Golf Monthly's FootJoy HyperFlex II shoe review, said to provide golfers with extra flexibility and movement during the swing as well as excellent grip and comfort.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

FootJoy HyperFlex II shoe


  • Exceptional comfort and freedom to rotate your lower body, without sacrificing grip


  • You don’t feel as close to the ground as with other FootJoy shoes


FootJoy HyperFlex II shoe


Price as reviewed:

£145.00 (BOA £160)

Clubhouse Golf

The new FootJoy HyperFlex II is said to provide golfers with enhanced mobility, flexibility and comfort and it does so through a new BioMorph upper design. You can read more about the technology as well as the pricing and colour options, by clicking this link.

We were lucky enough the test FJ’s latest shoe on the Faldo course at Amondoeira Golf Resort in Portugal, an undulating track with both wet and dry conditions thanks to the early morning dew and afternoon sunshine.


The updated shoe has a more subtle upper design than the original HyperFlex but on closer inspection it’s clear just as much thought has gone in to every detail.

The first thing that strikes you as you try them on is the soft, cushion-like feel as you slide you feet into them. This is especially noticeable around the heel area, which is enclosed securely but while still maintaining walking comfort.


They feel light and easy to walk in and there’s no wearing in of the shoes required – once you’ve got the right size they’re ready to go out of the box.

There’s no question the HyperFlex II shoes provide more freedom to move your feet and ankles through the ball but without losing out on traction with the ground – a valuable source of power.


This more flexible design makes you feel like you get a little more from the ground when you swing, as if the shape of the outsole matches your terrain more closely, helped by the nine soft and flexible cleats underneath.

Some golfers may opt for a shoe like this more in the winter, especially in the all-black colourway, but may find the upper a little tricky to clean fully because of the grooves and crevices within it, that are said to aid the shoe’s performance.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the appealing styles and colours this new shoe is available in. The blue and white option especially captures the cutting-edge tech while appealing to a wide spectrum of ages and handicaps. Whichever style and lacing option you go for, you won’t be disappointed.


Another excellent offering from FootJoy, one that is going to promote movement and rotation of the lower half during the swing, something many golfers would benefit from, but while also maintaining excellent contact with the ground to maximize power and control.