The Big Max Autofold FF push trolley is most notable for its ability to fold completely flat - we took it to the course at Royal Cinque Ports to see how it performed

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Big Max Autofold FF


  • The fold flat mechanism is a revelation and makes it ideal for those with either a small boot or limited storage at home


  • For the premium price tag some might be tempted to opt for electric instead


Big Max Autofold FF


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Clubhouse Golf

Tech Info

The ‘FF’ in the name Big Max Autofold FF stands for fold flat and this is the key technology that separates this push trolley from others on the market. In one simple move, it folds completely flat and is just 12.5 cm deep. The trolley also features a height adjustable handle, footbrake, a storage compartment in the main console and the base is adjustable to accommodate different-sized bags.

GM Verdict

The precision engineering on offer both from the Big Max Autofold FF and Blade + push trolleys is about making this as easy to store as possible. The fold flat mechanism is truly impressive and means these push trolleys will fit into even the smallest of boots. Likewise, if you don’t have a large space at home to house a golf trolley, this is a fantastic option. The way in which it unfolds in one sweeping move – it certainly doesn’t require excess force – reduces the faffing that can put some golfers off using trolleys. The trolleys themselves look great with the Big Max Aqua bags, both of which are very lightweight and make transporting your clubs around the course extremely easy. If you haven’t used a modern-day push trolley yourself, you’ll be shocked by how easy they are to use. The combination of a lightweight frame and handle that’s height adjustable, makes both the Autofold FF and Blade + trolleys incredibly simple and easy to use. If you are someone who has always loved carrying his clubs but perhaps is now looking for a trolley that in no way interferes with your enjoyment of 18 holes, the Big Max offerings will not disappoint. This is modern day push trolley innovation at its very best!


The Big Max Autofold FF has been designed with the golfer very much in mind. It folds down incredibly small and on the course is very light and easy to use.