Lightweight batteries, more streamline frames and brand new screen designs are just some of the upgrades you will find in the Golf Trolley market

Buyer’s Guide

Push trolleys

Push or manual powered trolleys are great if your course is relatively flat. They also tend to be lighter, cheaper and fold up smaller than most electric trolleys.

Electric trolleys

Obviously require minimum effort from the user, ideal if your course terrain is uneven. They tend to be heavier and more expensive than push trolleys and come in a range of different specs and price points depending on the features and battery you opt for. The top-of-the-range trolleys will have features such as a USB charging port, GPS cradle, digital LCD colour screen and a battery meter.


Another thing to consider is how small the trolley folds up when it is stored. Generally, the smaller a trolley folds up and down, the longer it takes to do so because there are more moving parts. If you have a small boot, getting a trolley that folds down small is key and there are options in both the push and electric trolley market that fit the bill.


Electric trolley batteries come in lead acid and lithium form. Lead acid batteries are cheaper, but are also larger and much heavier and don’t last as long as lithium batteries, which are lighter, smaller and have greater longevity but have a higher cost as a result. Lithium batteries can do different amount of holes on one charge so if you sometimes play two rounds in a day, it might be worth parting with a few extra pounds to get a battery that suits your needs.


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