Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedge Review - We put Callaway's new Jaws MD5 wedge through its paces out on the golf course.

Product Overview

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Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedge


  • A soft feel, high level of spin and wide variety of loft and sole grind options to match your preferred shot choice and action.


  • Some may prefer a straighter, longer leading edge for easier alignment.


Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedge


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Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedge Review

Key Technology

  • New Jaws grooves are designed with a 37° wall angle to make them sharper for maximum grip and spin from all types of lie.
  • Three raised micro-ridges between the grooves increase the number of contact points with the ball to 84 for added spin.
  • A new low-bounce W-Grind, which features increased sole taper and heel relief in the higher lofts, brings the total number of grinds available up to five. You can read more here.

Traditional in shape, although some may prefer less taper in the hosel area. The face technology is barely visible to minimise distraction. Both finishes bolster the premium appeal.


For most golfers, the C-Grind will provide enough heel and toe relief to manipulate the face and produce different shots, but there are different options depending on your method and stock shot choice.

GM Verdict
You’ll struggle to find a better all-around wedge offering than the new Jaws MD5. It has no obvious weakness but it really excels at creating spin on longer pitch shots and full shots where the extra speed generates backspin in excess of 11,000rpm in some cases.

It’s at the level where you might want to think about landing the ball a yard or two further than normal on full shots to allow for the ball to zip back, especially in softer conditions.

In addition, these wedges feel buttery soft on all lengths of shot. This is partly down to the mild carbon steel used to create the heads, the muscleback design and the soft and tacky Lamkin UTX grip.

The satin chrome and tour grey finishes oozes class and the various soles make light work of the turf through the hitting area, gathering the ball from the worst of lies with a minimum of fuss.

The high-bounce W-Grind is ideal for bunkers while the new low bounce version works well for those with a shallower swing or off firmer turf you’d find on a links course.


With such a wide variety of lofts (they go all the way up to 64°) and the five grind options to choose from, a fitting is a must. Go through that process and you’ll leave happy in the knowledge you are equipped with the best possible tools to hit those scoring shots into and around the greens.