The Golf Monthly Test Team's Mizuno S5 wedges review, a new model that offers enhanced feel and control around the green as well as a new unique Blue IP finish

Product Overview

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Mizuno S5 wedges


  • A versatile shape and soft feel is accompanied by excellent short game control and a pleasing look at address


  • The blue finish wears off relatively quickly, reducing the appeal of its look in the bag


Mizuno S5 wedges review

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The Golf Monthly Test Team’s Mizuno S5 wedges review, a new model that offers enhanced feel and control around the green as well as a new unique Blue IP finish

Key technology
A larger midsize profile is less intimidating when faced with shots from poor lies while a slightly rounded leading edge allows it to be opened or closed while still aligned to your target. Quad Cut grooves are wider and shallower in the 54-62° models for more spin on chips and pitches, and deeper and narrower in the 49-53° heads for control and workability on full and longer pitch shots. Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forging creates a better feel and consistency. It comes in both White Satin and a new Blue IP finish.

Shaft options
Dynamic Gold Wedge in steel, Orochi Wedge flex in graphite

Loft options
49-62° in various bounces

Will suit
Golfers seeking a more confidence- inspiring look at address with their wedges.

GM verdict
The larger profile at address is noticeable without appearing overly chunky. It actually inspired greater confidence as more of the face was visible on those tricky open-faced shots where you’re imparting more of a glancing blow. The extra size seemed to make finesse chips from poor lies easier to play, helped by the sole grind that balances versatility and playability on different lengths of shot.

The top line is still relatively thin, appealing to good players. We preferred the more traditional satin finish, although the blue looks great in the bag and doesn’t take too long to get used to. The performance was especially impressive from the rough and sand, offering exceptional spin from strike points across the face. The flight on pitch shots was strong and consistent, with obvious check on the second bounce and the soft feel synonymous with Mizuno’s forged irons.



The updated shape is certainly more pleasing on the eye. It helps you be more creative with your shot selection around the green and be confident you can pull the shot off, aided by the excellent spin control these wedges provide. The blue finish won't be to everyone's taste but we like it and think they look great in the bag.