New face and groove designs provide added spin control, while a wide
range of bounce and grind options can really help with your Golf Wedge game

Buyer’s Guide

Loft gapping
To make sure you cover distances evenly, it is important to have an even gap between the lofts of the wedges you carry in your bag. The best way to do this is to find out the loft of your pitching wedge (your PGA should be able to tell you) and work up from there. If you tend to play a lot of wedge shots at your home course, it might be best to have four wedges but you can use just three and opt for an extra long game club. Just make sure the lofts gaps are equal.

Bounce refers to the distance the leading edge is from the bottom of the sole. Low bounce wedges are more suited to hard fairways and tight-lie shots while high bounce wedges are better for soft ground and sand conditions, and for players with steeper angles of attack.

Sole grind
Having a wedge will heel relief (an area of the heel ground away) means you can open the face without the leading edge rising too much. This makes it more versatile and is better suited to partial, finesse shots around the green rather than full shots.

Wedges come in many different finishes that are mainly cosmetic – but darker finishes tend to reduce glare from the sun while raw or ‘oil can’ finishes are designed to rust over time, changing the look but making the surface rougher and therefore increasing the amount of spin that is created.

This Month’s Best Wedge Deals

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The latest CG12 wedges boast grooves milled to the maximum legal depth and width dimensions. These “Zip grooves” should generate extra spin and control. Chrome or black pearl finish. Visit…


The slightly concave sole has a Phil Mickelson-inspired grind, designed to boost playability by helping you get the leading edge further under the ball before it leaves the clubface for…


Snake Eyes made a real name for themselves by producing attractive, solid performing wedges. The look of this one suggests it should cost more than it does. Bounce angles for…

Ping Tour wedge

This is a classic looking wedge with a dull finish that won’t reflect the glare from the sun. It’s a big enough face to instil confidence in consistent striking but…

TW Forged

Soft 1030 carbon steel, the forging and milling processes should ensure consistent hitting surface by eliminating random hot and soft spots. U/V Scoring Grooves are designed to channel water and…

SV Tour

Feedback from Nike’s players led to the final profile, bounce and groove design on the SV Tour wedge. The anti-glare finish is designed to rust over time to further enhance…

Srixon WG504 Gunmetal

Soft forged carbon steel head with deep gunmetal colouring and matt finish. Sole grind engineered for playability. Virtually no glare-risk here as a result of the low-sheen finish. The sole…


Hand-forged, traditional wedge shape with extra long hosel that is designed to place more weight in the heel so the head is less prone to closing at impact. The lack…

Ram FX9 Gunmetal

Traditional teardrop shaped forged head with a deep gunmetal finish. High toe profile with large face area and white-painted U-grooves. Soft Winn grip. Shape and design should promote consistent launch,…

Progen Gun Metal

Classic bladed wedge head shape, soft-cast with a dark satin gunmetal finish that will wear and rust over time. Made from soft-feeling steel with a satin finish that has more…

Precept Tour Premium

Precept might not be the name you’d immediately go for when looking to buy a wedge but the high chrome forged head sits comfortably behind the ball at address appearing…

Ping Tour Black Ni

New darker-finished version of Ping’s high-spinning cast wedge with compact head, rounded sole andprecision-machined face grooves. Sole design and bounce are configured for greater scope to open the face up…

Nike SV Black

“Spin Velocity” wedges are soft cast with a tour-inspired profile, shape and bounce plus Nike’s own U/V hybrid grooves. Mid-sheen black nickel, satin finish. Milled face for consistency with soft…

Cobra M wedge

The dark nickel-plated head may look unconventional but it’s not unattractive. The head is quite large, promising a fairly forgiving strike while the dark finish will stop any glare from…

Cleveland Tour Action 900 BRZ

Cleveland has always made impressive looking wedges and this gunmetal head with oilcan finish is certainly one of the best. The head itself looks smart and compact. Aluminium bronze compound…

CG11 Satin

Reminiscent of Cleveland’s 588 series wedges at address but with a small cavity and wide sole providing added forgiveness for easier sand play. Made from Cleveland’s soft feel CMM.

588 Tour Action

Cleveland specialise in wedge design and they certainly know how to produce an attractive, classy looking head. This one is popular with those in the know on Tour. Made from…