New face and groove designs provide added spin control, while a wide
range of bounce and grind options can really help with your Golf Wedge game

Buyer’s Guide

Loft gapping
To make sure you cover distances evenly, it is important to have an even gap between the lofts of the wedges you carry in your bag. The best way to do this is to find out the loft of your pitching wedge (your PGA should be able to tell you) and work up from there. If you tend to play a lot of wedge shots at your home course, it might be best to have four wedges but you can use just three and opt for an extra long game club. Just make sure the lofts gaps are equal.

Bounce refers to the distance the leading edge is from the bottom of the sole. Low bounce wedges are more suited to hard fairways and tight-lie shots while high bounce wedges are better for soft ground and sand conditions, and for players with steeper angles of attack.

Sole grind
Having a wedge will heel relief (an area of the heel ground away) means you can open the face without the leading edge rising too much. This makes it more versatile and is better suited to partial, finesse shots around the green rather than full shots.

Wedges come in many different finishes that are mainly cosmetic – but darker finishes tend to reduce glare from the sun while raw or ‘oil can’ finishes are designed to rust over time, changing the look but making the surface rougher and therefore increasing the amount of spin that is created.

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Sweet Feel Black NI

Forged from 8620 carbon steel, the head of the Sweet Feel has quite a high lustre with a satin top edge. Longer hosels than most to keep more head weight…

Bridgestone J33 Forged Black Satin

Forged from mild carbon steel with rear “trapezoid” muscle design. Rich, dark satin finish with matt face and top edge. A long hosel raises club’s centre of gravity, pushing more…

Cleveland 588 DSG chrome

The classic Cleveland 588 head shape gets a new “Dynamic Sole Grind” designed to bring added versatility, and let you play all kind of wedge shots with equal confidence. …

GM Series Wedge

Benross might not be the name you immediately think of when picking a wedge but the thin topline and ‘oil-can’ finish give this the appearance of a major player. The…


Features an anti-shank design. A portion of the neck of the club has been specially designed with a contoured profile that reduces the possibility of the dreaded shank. The large…

Ben Hogan Apex

Forged from soft 1020 carbon steel with input from Hogan’s tour staff, the Apex’s high polished finish and maximum legal width grooves are designed for optimum greenside control.

Staff Fw6 Forged

Handcrafted from soft 8620 carbon steel for high levels of feel and feedback. Bore-through shafts enhance weighting to promote a more fluid feel through the ball.