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Clubhouse Golf

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Gorge Groove Technology provides consistent, reliable spin, thanks to tight tolerances that allow the grooves to be milled closer to the legal limit. The wedges are available in three sole widths: thin sole (TS), for firm conditions and shallow swings, wide sole (WS), for soft conditions, steep swings and bunker play, and a standard sole (SS) that fits between the two.

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Players looking for wedges tailored to their game.


GM verdict: Ping wedges have a reputation for being very solid, without ever blowing us away. The new design is far more impressive, though, thanks to superb levels of spin, the number of options available and the feel at impact. The ?click? off the face sounds fantastic, while the sole options are easy to understand and offer genuine versatility ? something that better players, in particular, will enjoy. But... some additional finish options would help to broaden the appeal of the design. PGA pro verdict: This wedge retains key features, such as profile, offset and weighting, but now has improved groove performance. The SS model I tried delivered consistent spin and distance control. It provided superb feel from all areas around the green, especially in sand. The precise groove milling has increased spin, and the sole choices give players the chance to have wedges specific to the ground conditions they play from. All in all, an excellent wedge. Test team rating: Performance: 4/5 Visual appeal: 4.5/5 Innovation: 4/5 Value: 4/5 Overall: 4.5/5