Nick Faldo may have shown US captain Paul Azinger his cards after being pictured with notes showing initials in pairings.

Faldo, who suggested Azinger may be playing a poker move by talking about pairing Kentucky boys JB Holmes and Kenny Perry together, joked that the photograph was merely the lunch list.

“It had the sandwich requests for the guys, just making sure who wants the tuna, who wants the beef, who wants the ham. So that’s all it was,” he grinned.

Later asked whether the list confirmed Friday’s pairings, Faldo said: “Those are tomorrow’s pairings, Thursday’s pairings, practice round.”

The notes paired Sergio Garcia with Lee Westwood while Padraig Harrington is pencilled in to partner Robert Karlsson.

However, the general opinion remains that the European captain has showed his hand and it remains to be seen whether he sticks or twists come Friday’s foursomes.

In the American camp, Paul Azinger has confirmed he will give all 12 players a game on Friday, a tactic Faldo appears less keen on.

“As you know, I pick eight out of 12 so four are going to get left out. Whether they are left out both morning and afternoon, we will see.”