The European Ryder Cup side has arrived in Valhalla and all the chat is very positive so far. Faldo has said, “I have 12 guys who all want to win, simple as that.” That’s very good Nick. In “Team Captaincy 1001,” lesson one starts with: ensure your team actually wants to win.  He also says he has a couple of ideas up his sleeve. I think that’s a bit worrying, I can just see him sending Oliver Wilson and Ian Poulter out as first pairing on Friday.

Talking about sleeves, I’ve just been looking at a video of the European side arriving in the States. They’re wearing matching outfits that can only be described as brown. I was reminded of the last time I bit into a Milky Way.

I’m just about to leave the house and am finalising my own wardrobe choices. I looked at the weather forecast for Valhalla and was somewhat concerned – it’s going to be 30 degrees centigrade and 75% humidity. My autumn/winter collection is extensive but when it comes to summer attire I’m a touch limited (given the highest temperature recorded in Aberdeenshire this year is 9 deg C, there’s not much call for linen trousers and Hawaiian shirts). I have cords and lambswool v-necks coming out of my ears but anything thinner than about 11 tog is sadly lacking from my shelves.

Aha… I’ve just found a pair of Kickers shorts circa 1994 so I think I’ll be ok. They’re a long way from stylish so I should fit in a treat in Kentucky.