With a long way still to go on our long haul flight to Detroit, I had a long time to consider the best method to deal with spending an exceptionally long time in a big metal tube hurtling through the sky at 500mph, 40,000 feet up.

Neil and I have slightly different techniques. He opts for the sensible way – regularly changing his situation – getting up for a walk, watching a film, reading a few pages of his book etc… I suppose this method should, theoretically, cause time to pass more quickly. I reject that philosophy. I go for stony-silence, sitting absolutely still and staring straight ahead, not getting up at all (not even to go to the toilet.) It’s a sort of gritty Scottish approach to travel relying purely on will power to get you through. I’m sure this is the technique Monty would have been using had he been on a trans-Atlantic flight this week.

But, as Monty’s non-inclusion in this year’s Ryder Cup team proves, inordinate amounts of grit and determination can only get you so far. And, I must confess, six hours through this flight I’m getting a little bored and really need the loo.