About 15 minutes ago I finished penning an inspired blog but sadly I failed to save it and my lap-top just crashed. ‘Never mind’ I hear you say, so with the sort of gritty, determined attitude that Nick’s boys will need this afternoon, I’ll attempt to re-create some of the old magic.

The European section of the media centre is situated in the front right-hand corner of the room, beneath the over-sized TV screens and scoreboard. When Faldo revealed his pairings for this mornings foursomes, the old hacks that surround us closed ranks like a pack of blood thirsty wolves, ready to lay into their hapless victim. As you may already know, there’s not a lot of love lost between Faldo and these boys (remember the old ‘thank the press from the heart of my bottom’ comment). Dare I say, it, one or two of the journalists sitting between of myself and the screen are eagerly awaiting a European disaster.

Many of the older generation of British sports journalists are pessimistic even on a good day. None of them are surprised to see Faldo’s men struggling and they all predicted that Tiger’s absence would help the Americans. This marks a distinct contrast to my slightly over-excited attitude. In fact, as Jimenez almost just holed a pitch, I gave a muffled cheer and even a little fist pump… Some of them are looking at me.