Former PGA Tour player Boyd Summerhays is the coach of Tony Finau.

Who Is Tony Finau’s Coach?

Making his Ryder Cup debut later this month, Tony Finau got selected as one of the four wildcard picks by captain Jim Furyk. Along with Tiger Woods, Bryson DeChambeau and Phil Mickelson, Finau joins the eight automatic qualifiers that combine to be an immensely strong team.

Finau, has been a model of consistency this year as he produced 11 top-10 finishes, including at the Masters, US Open and Open Championship.

In this piece we take a look at who coaches the American and who has helped him become the current number 15 in the world.

Who Is Tony Finau’s Coach?

Former PGA Tour player Boyd Summerhays is the coach of Tony Finau.

Summerhays played on the PGA Tour from 2004 to 2006 and competed in 29 events. He struggled to make a lot of cuts but it seems a back injury may have afflicted him for a long time as it eventually pushed him to call his playing career to an end.

As a result, Summerhays turned his attention to coaching. The story goes that back in 2014, Finau called Summerhays asking for a lesson.

Summerhays agreed and after the one-hour lesson, they have continued to work together ever since.

Speaking to Summerhays said of Finau’s game; “One thing that really sets Tony apart is his power and athleticism.

“There’s no doubt he has always had a physical advantage. He’s one of the finest athletes on the PGA Tour. It’s something we don’t take for granted.”

Regarding practice, Summerhays said; “We try to maximize our practice time. I don’t like to see him on the driving range for 3-4 hours at a time. When you’re playing 4-5 weeks in a row, you’re not going to be able to sustain that. You’re already playing 4-5 hour rounds, you play a practice round, you’re putting in a workout, you’re traveling city to city. When we’re at the golf course we have a nice clean, efficient practice.”

Boyd Summerhays playing on the PGA Tour back in 2005 (Getty Images)

Clearly Summerhays time as a professional has meant he has the experience of playing on tour and what it takes to succeed. This has stood Finau in good stead for the early stages of his career.

Finau will make his Ryder Cup debut as a result of the years of hard work with Summerhays. How do you think he is going to get on?

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