Making his third appearance at the Ryder Cup, Webb Simpson and his wife Taylor will be present in Paris.

Who Is Webb Simpson’s Wife?

Webb Simpson will be playing in his third Ryder Cup later this month in Paris at Le Golf National, and like his past two appearances, his wife Taylor Dowd will once again be present. Webb played his first Ryder Cup in 2012 and then played again in 2014, before missing out in 2016.

Who Is Webb Simpson’s Wife?

Webb Simpson is married to Taylor Dowd Keith and they have four children together called Mercy, James, Willow and Wyndham.

The pair met whilst at Wake Forest University and it was an unorthodox meeting at that.

Webb was an incoming freshman and Dowd at that time was a sophomore, so Webb’s father Sam, is believed to have offered her $100 to go on a date with his son. She supposedly responded with, “If he’s as cute as you, I’ll go for free.”

The pair at the 2012 Ryder Cup (Getty Images)

The pair would eventually meet through a mutual friend and they started dating from that point, and yet they ended their relationship after they had finished college.

Dowd said; “Webb and I dated all through college at Wake Forest, then broke up for a year after college, which was a healthy thing for us. We didn’t even talk. Then we got back together, and five months later we were engaged, and five months later, we were married.”

After college, Dowd, pursued an acting career in Los Angeles and Atlanta after doing graduating in theatre.

She is also, along with Webb, a devout Christian and studies the Bible regularly.

“That subject [religion] interested me most at the time. I’m a Christian, so I thought learning about other religions could only help me firm up my beliefs in Jesus.”

Taylor and Webb on their way to the 2018 Ryder Cup dinner (Getty Images)

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