In this Ryder Cup Singles Preview here are 7 Things That Must Happen For Europe To Win The Ryder Cup


Ryder Cup Singles Preview

How many times will we hear the word ‘Medinah’ today? The miracle of four years ago will inspire team Europe but make no mistake, the American scars are still raw. Davis Love, the man who shouldered the humiliation last time is steering the ship again. He will be desperate not to make the same mistake again. And yet it is possible. Eight points from 12 matches is a tall order but a lot of things need to go Europe’s way if we want to hang on to the cup. Here’s the definitive list in our Ryder Cup singles preview…

2016 Ryder Cup

1 McIlroy must beat Reed

The Captains knew what they were doing. Each man knew his talisman would be out first, they knew what the public wanted to see and they didn’t disappoint. For Rory to take down Reed would be big for Europe. Get up early and hang on and the seeds of doubt might just spread.

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2 Silence the crowd

The Hazeltine public have proved themselves to be a rowdy bunch. Occasionally over the top, they have brought the atmosphere to the 2016 Ryder Cup. More than anything, the Americans need to stop holing long putts. Those are the moments that send grenades of noise echoing around the course. If the putts stop dropping, the silence will be deafening. Everyone will know the score.

3 Rookie Redemption

Quite simply, Europe’s rookies need to perform. They need to see this as a rare moment to do something truly remarkable and rise to that challenge. The pressure on their shoulders is immense but if the mood in the camp is good, they can certainly use it to their advantage.

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4 Garcia must stifle Mickelson

If there is one player on the US team capable of rousing the crowd, it is Phil Mickelson. Even if Europe take an early lead, Love knows Mickelson can add some crucial momentum to his middle order. That’s why he’s there. It is good news then, that he finds himself up against one of Europe’s best performers. Garcia needs to get up early and frustrate Mickelson. The importance of this match is not to be underestimated.

5 Avoid heavy defeats

There are lost matches and there are thrashings. Europe’s players need to understand the importance of hanging in there. Even if they go down early and end up losing, they must make themselves hard to beat. A thumping has a big effect on the way people see the leaderboard, including those on the course.

6 Kaymer & Westwood must find form

This has been the factor that has defined this clash so far. Clarke’s too experienced wildcard picks have let him down, failing to win a single point between them. From somewhere they need to find form, dig deep and deliver. For Westwood in particular, this could be his last ever Ryder Cup match. A loss here would taint a sparkling career in the event. Can he rise to the pressure? Let’s hope so.

7 A comeback

If Europe are going to win this Ryder Cup, strange things will need to happen. A comeback win will happen at some stage. That this is blue not red is crucial.