Andy Dunbar PGA ProfessionalLocation: Stratford Oaks GC, Warwickshire

Contact: 882987

Price: £48 per hour

Biography: Andy turned pro in 1990 and has coached several golfers who have gone on to become European Tour professionals. He is an England Golf Coach and Warwickshire County Coach for both Men’s and Ladies 1st teams as well as the County Juniors. He is a qualified NLP Sports Practitioner, recognising the importance of the mental side of the game at all levels.

Teaching philosophy:Teach the individual. Find where he or she wants to go and then help them get there by realistic improvements in technique and developing the mental strengths to compliment this. Technically, the key is to develop a repetitive method set within the individual’s physical restraints and time available to practice, also of developing the best possible short game. Keep things simple and enjoy the learning process.”

Best tip: “Hit some mid-iron shots with your feet together, swinging your arms to chest height on both back- and through-swings. Your wrist hinge, release and balance will improve.”

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