Dougie Bell PGA ProfessionalLocation: Dougie Bell Golf Coaching



Price: £40 per hour

Biography: Dougie coaches full time at his own academy, looking after trainee pros in Ireland and working as an Irish ladies’ regional coach. He started playing at his local club, Cawder in Glasgow, with his father. His coaching journey has taken him from Glasgow to Amsterdam, Italy, London and now County Down in Northern Ireland. His greatest motivation comes from the knowledge that he will see everyone from senior ladies and primary school kids to aspiring tour stars all within a few hours, and the only thing the ball knows is what the club tells it!

Coaching philosophy: “Having started out like most golfers and coaches, I went looking for a great swing – one that would impress on the 1st tee of the club championship. However, the realisation that there is more to this than meets the eye has led me to a place as a coach more like the modern football manager. I am there to oversee all aspects, from technique and fitness to mental control. It is this guidance of the player, while allowing them to be in control of their own destiny, that allows me to help golfers at all levels.”

Best tip: “Pick five spots round the green and give yourself five points for holing one, three points for inside five feet or one point for inside ten feet. Keep score to test yourself under pressure.”

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