Ged Walters PGA ProfessionalLocation: True Fit Golf Centre

Price: £50 per hour


Biography: Ged joined his first golf club – Lee Park in Liverpool – at 22 years of age, got a first handicap of 6 and never looked back. In 2005, he turned pro off a handicap of 1 and started coaching. He spent two years as the head professional at Blundells Hill Golf Club, then joined the Trafford Golf Centre academy in 2013.

Coaching philosophy: “Fun, friendly and relaxed – my aim is to get results with simple-to-follow instruction that is easy to implement.”

Best tip: “To get the most from your driver you need to carry the ball as far as you can, so get your levers aligned at impact. For example, the edge of your left shoulder should be in line with the ball.”

high to low hook drill

To straighten out your hook, GM Top 25 Coach Ged Walters suggests checking your grip and working hard to stop your hands over-rotating through impact

How to play the toe putter chip

How to play the toe putter chip One of the toughest challenges you’ll face on the course is a delicate chip from a difficult lie. When the ball isn’t sitting perfectly, you want to swing with conviction. So how do you do that when the flag isn’t far away and…

Step drill for extra power

Power and accuracy in the golf swing often go hand-in-hand. If you can find the right sequence of moves through the downswing including correctly shifting your weight, you’ll add clubhead speed and you should hit more fairways too! The step drill for extra power is designed to help you do…

Tee Peg Bunker Drill For Golf

Get your bunker shot basics correct and you'll soon be splashing out with confidence as GM Top 25 Coach, Ged Walters, explains

inside takeaway golf fix

The takeaway is a crucial part of the technique but many players ignore it in favour of thinking about other areas of the golf swing. However, if the club starts working on the wrong path, you will need an inside takeaway golf fix to prevent compensations later in the swing…

How to play the flop shot in golf

As we all know the flop shot is one of the most dangerous in the game – especially if you don’t have a close understanding for how to play the flop shot in golf. Duff and thin strikes can quickly turn a chance of a par into a card-wrecking disaster.…

pre-shot routine tips for golf

Pre-shot routine tips for golf The first part of your pre-shot routine is where the decision-making needs to happen. As every golfer knows, good shots rarely happen if you aren’t 100% focussed. This is when you need to build up a picture in your mind for exactly what a good…