John JacobsLocation: Cumberwell Park GC, Wiltshire


Price: £75 per hour

Biography: John is passionate about coaching golfers of all standards. He is Cumberwell Park’s first professional, as he joined in 1994 when the course first opened. He is currently the National EGU England Boys Lead Coach (U16’s), EGU South West Boys Coach (U18’s), Wiltshire County Boys Coach (U14’s) and Wiltshire County Girls Coach (U15’s and U18’s).

Best tip: “When chipping, make some practice swings brushing the ground with the leading edge of your wedge. The spot your wedge hits the ground is your ideal ball position!”

How launch angle and power are linked

If you take one thing from this article, I want it to be how launch angle and power are linked and how you can get more yardage without swinging any harder. Some players seem capable of generating easy power – that is they swing within themselves and yet their distance…

Stabilize your swing for better fairway wood strikes

Stabilize your swing for better fairway wood strikes There are two fundamental keys that will help stabilize your swing for better fairway wood strikes  – ball position and posture. At address, set the ball just inside your left heel. This is crucial as it will allow you to create a…

How much sand should I take for perfect bunker shots?

The key to being a good bunker player is to take a consistent amount of sand. Always having the same sized splash around the ball will make it far easier for you to control the distance but how big should that splash be and how much sand should I take…

Find the low point in your swing

If you want to improve the quality of your ball-striking, it makes sense to find the low point in your golf swing. Understand where the club is at its lowest and you’ll know exactly where to position the ball for crisp, pure contacts. It’s crucial if you want to shoot…

what is lag in the golf swing

Golf Monthly Top 25 coach John Jacobs has some advice on creating lag and how it can help you hit the ball further and more solid.

For consistent driving it's crucial to get the fundamentals right starting with the grip of your golf club