The GolfBuddy VTX GPS has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2018/19 list thanks to its feature-packed simplicity

GolfBuddy VTX GPS

Price: £249.99

Tech Talk

Pre-loaded with over 38,000 courses, the GolfBuddy VTX handheld GPS comes with a number of new features, including voice audio and Bluetooth connectivity.

Distances are clearly displayed to the front, middle and back of green, as well as hazards, giving golfers a thorough picture of what lies ahead on every hole.

It helps users to plot their way around virtually any course they tee it up on with the main distances well covered. Should the user stray off line, GolfBuddy’s Dynamic Green View will adjust to provide an accurate yardage, so there’s no guesswork involved or uncertainty when stood over the ball.

Courses and holes are picked up automatically. Meanwhile, with GolfBuddy’s Smartphone App, courses can be updated wirelessly. The water resistant unit features a 2.7” high resolution, full colour touch screen and due to its slim, lightweight design it fits comfortably inside a pocket without causing a distraction.

It also comes with a plastic holster that can be connected to the golf bag, plus it boasts a digital scorecard, and with 15 hours of battery life it will comfortably last 36 holes. There’s also the capacity to alter the voice mode to male or female.

Game Booster

GolfBuddy says this is its most advanced handheld GPS device. Whilst true, one of its strengths is its simplicity.

There is such a thing as too much information, yet this unit has the balance just right, especially for golfers who prefer their device to act as a quick guide.

All the key yardages are provided to encourage sound course management, even when the normal route to the green is not taken, and when playing new courses, it can make all the difference. Pocket sized it may be, but there are some huge benefits to be had for its users.