The Motocaddy M5 Connect has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2018/19 list by providing GPS distances on a trolley handle

Motocaddy M5 Connect

Price – From £599.99


The M5 Connect is the world’s only compact-folding, GPS enabled electric trolley. It features a completely new frame, wheel and battery design, combining to create an 11 per cent smaller folded footprint than its nearest competitor.

The GPS functionality comes from the free Motocaddy app, pioneered on the S5 Connect, which uses Bluetooth to transfer the distance information to the digital screen on the handle. Golfers can also measure shots and receive call, text and app notifications.

Motocaddy M5 Connect Electric Trolley Review

The assembly process has been made much simpler compared to previous M-Series electric trolleys. With fewer moving parts, the M5 Connect can now be erected in two simple moves.

Inverted wheels, that can be flipped around once play has finished, ensure the trolley takes up even less space when stored while a mini black stand allows the trolley to sit in an upright position.

To top off this impressive offering, a brand new battery design is lighter, smaller and more powerful, meaning the trolley should last a little longer as the components aren’t working as hard as they had to on previous iterations.

Game Booster

The M5 Connect may well be the most complete electric trolley ever created. Given nearly every golfer could do with saving a little space and enjoys useful features, the M5 Connect ticks basically every box that exists.

The assembly process is noticeably faster and simpler, although the inverted wheels are a touch fiddly to switch around, plus it looks much more modern once put together.

Tall and short golfers will appreciate the adjustable handle height, while those with busy lives off the course will like the ability to stay connected but without their game being interrupted.

The screen is surprisingly easy to read given its modest size and the adjustable distance control means you can send it off to the next tee with the minimum of fuss.

Golfers can also fold down the trolley with the battery still in place and even charge it in situ, helping to make the M5 Connect as faff-free as possible while also offering a level of features to satisfy the needs of the gadget lovers.