The Stewart Golf X9 Follow has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2018/19 list thanks to its unique design

Stewart Golf X9 Follow

Price – £1,499

Tech Talk

There aren’t many products that will turn heads quicker on the course than the Stewart Golf X9 Follow electric trolley.

Never afraid to push the boundaries, this especially clever piece of innovation enables the trolley to literally follow you around the course, removing any stress of having to manoeuvre your trolley around.

It does this via a rechargeable handset, which connects with the trolley via Bluetooth. Simply press the ‘Follow’ button on the handset and place it in your back pocket.

The trolley will then follow you when you begin walking and match your walking pace, even down hills thanks to a sophisticated breaking system.

When you want to play your shot, clipping the handset to the trolley handle brings it within the “neutral zone”, ensuring the trolley remains stationary as you play your shot.

The handset can also be used as a remote control, which allows the X9 Follow to be sent off to near the next tee as you approach the green or for it to meet you up the fairway after chipping out from the trees.

You can also clip it to the handle and use it like a conventional electric trolley if you wish. There are also two reprogrammable cruise control speeds and the option of an extended life lithium battery if you often play twice in a day.

Game Booster

The unique nature of the Follow design means it does take a little bit of getting used to before you have complete confidence in it. But once you do that, the benefits of walking the course hands free soon become clear.

You can take a drink of water, fill in your scorecard, hold your umbrella, look at your yardage book or chat freely with your playing partners. It is incredibly fun to use and reliable too, thanks to the robust frame and anti-tip stability bar keeping it moving forward up steep slopes.

There really is no other trolley like it and you’ll certainly become the envy of your golf club if you arrive at the first tee with the X9 Follow.