As anyone who has ever picked up a club will know, golf is one of the toughest sports you can play. Of course, this also makes it one of the most rewarding and explains why so many of us get addicted. There is no hiding however from the fact that to get more from the game, you need to devote time to it in practice. The tips section of the Golf Monthly website is packed full of the best advice in the game. From driving it longer and straighter to developing a deft touch around the greens, we have every aspect of the game covered. We also have a library of video tips from the Golf Monthly Top 25 coaches to bring you the best possible advice. Let our tips section become your guide to better golf this year!

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Driver Series Tips Driving the ball has become more and more important at both the professional and amateur level in recent years because ultimately the top players regularly compete on courses over 7,000 yards and amateurs are always looking to keep the ball in play and on the fairway to…

Ways To Beat The Shanks

GM Top 25 coach Andrew Jones look at some common reasons why shanks occur to help you get rid of them...

Senior Golf Tips

Peter Dawson, former Ryder Cup player and author of Now for the Back Nine aimed at senior players, offers his top ten tips for senior golfers