Boost your greenside skills by learning an alternative way to ‘chip’

How To Play The Hybrid Chip Shot

1 Assess the shot

Using a hybrid around the greens is a great skill to have, especially when you find yourself up against the fringe.

There are other scenarios, too, that may call for this alternative option, where it makes more sense to get the ball running.

Tour pros usually reach for a wedge because this allows them to impart more spin.

In this case, we have a lot of green to work with and the hybrid is a sensible option, even more so if you’ve been struggling with your wedges.

The danger is coming over the fringe, which makes a solid contact crucial.

2 Grip check

This isn’t likely to be your normal hybrid grip.

We’re looking to reduce forearm rotation through impact, so grip the club a little more in the palm of the hand so it runs more up the forearm.

This will also reduce unwanted wrist action and encourage you to hit the shot more like a putt.

3 Set-up basics

That solid contact I mention comes with the correct set-up.

A narrow stance helps to get the ball rolling.

Be mindful of how close you’re standing to the ball.

Quite often I see players standing too far away; this creates a more rounded arc to the swing, which means it’s harder to time the low point at impact.

Stand a bit closer than you would for a ‘normal’ chip to achieve a more consistent contact.

As for weight distribution, favour slightly more on the lead side.

4 Angle of attack

A narrow stance also helps raise the centre of gravity slightly in the body to achieve a more downward angle of attack.

We’re looking to get the handle and weight ahead of the ball.

– Grip the club more in the palm rather than the fingers
- Stand a bit closer than you would for a ‘normal’ chip
– Try and achieve a more downward angle of attack

Alistair Davies PGA Professional, Marriott Forest of Arden, Warwickshire

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