Golf Monthly top 25 coach Barney Puttick offers his shanking cures to help you stop striking your iron shots from the hosel...

lob shot

Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Neil Plimmer has some valuable tips on playing the greenside lob shot, to help you get out of trouble more easily.

lag putting

Golf Monthly top 25 coach Andrew Reynolds helps you improve your lag putting

Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Steve Robinson teaches you how to improve your putting skills.

Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Keith Williams explains how to hole more 6ft putts

why do i pull iron shots

If you have been asking yourself, why do I pull iron shots, this page provides all the help you need. The first thing to understand is that the pull comes from when the club attacks the ball from an out-to-in path (this is the same swing path that someone with…

clear your hips

To create speed at impact your body must able to rotate powerfully through the hitting zone and so its imperative that you clear your hips for power drives. For some golfers, the left hip gets in the way through impact and the player gets stuck – often leaking shots to…


Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Gary Alliss covers the basic fundamentals of pitching, including the set-up and the grip.


Paul Foston has some tips that will help you improve your bunker basics and enable you to get up and down from sand more often.