When you first start to play golf, your attention naturally falls on the long game. If you can consistently strike good shots, you can develop the sort of enjoyment that will keep you coming back time and again. However, as you start to improve your attention must naturally switch to the short game. This is where you turn good ball striking into a good score. Our short game tips section has been designed to help you with the many different aspects to this area of the game. From the basics of a good chipping game to more complicated shots such as the flop shot, chip and runand the hybrid chip, there are a host of shots to learn. We also have advice on how to create spin with your wedges, the best way to escape sand and some top tips on how to pitch it close. There is a lot to learn in the short game but if you can develop some of these keys, your score will quickly tumble.

henrik stenson short game tips

2016 Open champion Henrik Stenson offers five superb short game tips to help you save strokes around the green

Shane Lowry demonstrates how to play the flop shot over a bunker from a tight lie

lob shot

Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Neil Plimmer has some valuable tips on playing the greenside lob shot, to help you get out of trouble more easily.

Golf Monthly top 25 coach Steve North explains how to master the flop-shot

Golf Monthly top 25 coach Paul Foston demonstrates how to hitting the checking chip

golf tips: Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Paul Ashwell explains how to master the flop shot in golf