Gary Alliss
Head Professional, Ladbrook Park GC, Warwickshire


– You struggle to make good clean contact
– You tend to fall off balance too easily


This tricky chip presents a dilemma in terms of technique. Normally from an upslope you’d want your weight on the back foot and the ball forward, but for a chip the weight should be forward and the ball back in the stance. One effective way to resolve this is to give yourself one leg. Set your back foot in line with the ball, move your front foot out of way resting it gently on the toes and lock your knees together for added stability from such a narrow base. This will put you in the ideal position to get the contact and control you need to knock it close. You’ll find you can just swing the club backwards and forwards almost as with a normal chip, but don’t forget the upslope will pop it up higher than normal so you’ll need to carry the ball a little further. Saving par from positions such as I’m in here can give you a huge boost. Think ‘one leg’ and you’ll definitely improve your chances.

How to chip off an upslope: