See what Peter Dawson, Jason Day, Henrik Stenson and Matt Kuchar had to say ahead of the start of the 143rd Open Championship at Royal Liverpool

Peter Unsworth (Championship Director):

“We have an exciting week ahead. The best players in the world are here. The golf course is in fantastic condition and I’m sure we are set for an outstanding Championship.”

Peter Dawson:

“We have had an extremely long relationship with the BBC and a very happy one. I think it’s now 59 years since The Open Championship was first televised in 1955 on the BBC. Our current contract runs through the 2016 Open. And what will happen thereafter remains to be seen

Henrik Stenson:

– “It’s all about hard work, putting yourself up there and hopefully your name will be on top or around the top of the leaderboard when you hit the back nine on Sunday. That’s what it’s all about, to give yourself chances. If I can play well enough to keep to my plan and keep the patience and get the odd good bounce here and there, I hope to be there on Sunday.”

– “I’ve played a lot with Tiger, it’s sometimes a challenge with a lot of people inside the ropes and a lot of crowd moving. But it’s big crowds here anyway, so I don’t think you’ll be noticing it as much.”

– “It would mean the world to me to win this championship. And if it doesn’t happen this year, I’ll come back and try next year. But then again I’m off to a Major championship at some point, and I’m not going to be greedy; I’ll take either one of them.”

–  “I grew up watching this championship and it was a boyhood dream to play in the Ryder Cup and the other one was to win the British Open, The Open Championship. So just because I’ve had some great success, I don’t think that dream hasn’t gone away. And it’s the last thing on my CV to make it complete, more or less, in my eyes. So I will try my hardest to make it happen.”

Matt Kuchar:

– “I love coming over. My record is not great here, but turning in the right direction. The last two years have been much improved. And I’ve always enjoyed the game, and think my game is pretty well suited to a British Open. So I’m not sure if I’m figuring out how to adjust better, how to play better or my game has just improved.”

– “Back then it was maybe a little more hoping I’d play well, maybe. Now I’m much more confident that I am going to play well.”

– “I’ve had four practice rounds. Had four great Open champions to play with. I played with Tiger on Sunday, played with Nick Faldo Monday, Tom Watson Tuesday and David Duval today. So I hope I get some unique perspective and some of that mystical Open Championships to rub off a little on me.”

– “Tiger’s fantastic for the game. But you tee up in major championships, there’s a whole lot at stake there. And the field is going to be really strong and everybody is going to be gunning for that championship regardless of who is in the field. I think the Majors stand out by themselves, no matter who’s in the field.”

– “I can’t hit it like Tiger. 2-iron is not enough for me.”

Jason Day:

– “This is a tournament that I have typically not played well in and that’s one thing I really have to work on and that’s how to play true links golf. It took Phil 20 years to win the Claret Jug and it’s all about getting that links experience under the belt.”