The winner of the Open Championship will win a tidy $1.89m (£1.4m), but how does that compare to the winner's cheque in other individual sports?


Open Championship Prize Money: How Does It Compare To Other Sports?

This year’s Open Championship is the richest tournament ever and the Open Championship prize money has been announced.

Jordan Spieth at Birkdale won $1.85m (£1.4m) with the total purse at $10.25m (£7.5m). The prize for second place is $1.07m (£826,000).

In 2016 winner Henrik Stenson won £1.175m, which converted to around $1.53m, $300,000 less than in 2017.

2017 Masters champion Sergio Garcia won $1.98m for his maiden major victory in April, whilst Brooks Koepka took home $2.16m for his US Open triumph at Erin Hills last month.

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How does this compare to other sports?

Whilst golf is an incredibly lucrative sport, it is slightly out-shone by the prize money on offer at Wimbledon, which is the same for both men and women.

The even-more-lucrative football cannot be measured, like F1, cricket and rugby, where players are on salaries and therefore paid in bonuses by their clubs for their successes.

Prize money for individual winner:

The Open Championship: $1.89m (£1.4m)

Wimbledon: £2.2m

Tour de France: €500,000 (£426,500)

Grand National: £561,300

Snooker World Championship: £375,000

PDC Darts World Championship: £350,000

London Marathon: $55,000 (£42,500)

So while the Open Championship is not the richest prize in golf, it is certainly one of the biggest prizes in the world of sport. And shows what a great place the top end of the game is in currently.