The Masters is serious business.
Some of the biggest names in the sport are looking to become legends, while young players are eager to show they belong among the greats.
Here at Golf Monthly, we cover the big stories. We also want to bring you something extra during Masters week.

Ever wonder how to build an Iron Throne out of your old irons? Or what the most overused clichés are during Masters coverage?
Then look no further then the Augusta Blog.
While it may be “A tournament like no other,” where a “Tiger is on the Prowl” the Masters has a lighter side to it. Even lighter than the famous greenery that’s sure to be mentioned at least a dozen times per day.
With Augusta National facts and odd stories posted here several times a day, you’ll have all the information you need to be a Masters expert by the time the green jacket is slipped on the winning shoulders.

A Masterclass In Power And Control

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