Well how excited are we!!! Off to Augusta, via Atlanta and then Disney on the way home – trip of a lifetime stuff. Checked into our BA flight and what a great airline that is, they really do look after you well. Emily, my daughter, is four-years old and looking forward to the later part of the trip. I, on the other hand, am very excited about heading to the “promised” land of the Augusta National Golf Club.

“Promised?” – well… as much as in the case that we were fortunate enough to get 4 tickets to the practice day and par 3 comp on Wednesday 9th, I found out that before taking off I have actually booked a hotel room in Augusta, Maine New England, and not Georgia. OH NO.

So I sit on the plane writing this, thinking how on earth am I going to get accommodation in the smallest, most sort after golfing location on their busiest week of the year. I look out the window and see the silver lining on the clouds and can’t imagine how this is going to turn out…. but we are not turning back, and I shall have to put in a few calls when we land, excited to learn out our fate.

Emily has packed her all-in-one white boiler suit and green cap and I have our Green Jacket. My wife was very happy to go along with all of this, but was understandably less interested in the fancy dress theme, and even less accommodating in me writing this blog. Hopefully she might not come
across it 🙂

I remember watching the Masters each year as a kid with my friend Andy Strauss, learning all the adverts, studying the holes, watching the closing moments to Sandy Lyle sinking the winning putt on 18, Woosie smashing his final drive over the fairway bunker, Faldo hunting down the Great White Shark and Hoake missing that put on 10 in the play off…. oh, and Larry Miza chipping in, and Straussy and I practicing his little jig…..

So I emailed Chubby Chandler to see if Emily could caddy for Lee, she is dressed the part. I was politely declined, but I was promised a beer with the great man at some stage. But now, I’m off to find some accommodation or a tent. BRING IT ON!