So having sent out a few text messages and emails, a kind friend of mine spoke to his mum who spoke to an arranger of accommodations for the R&A, who put me in touch with a staff member of Augusta University who has a medical student willing to move out of her one-bed condo for 3 nights… for a fee….

DONE…. again backing up my theory that mums always know best. Thank you guys! So we are having to stay minimum 3 nights and not 2, and maybe on the search for a Masters ticket on Thursday, but we shall have to miss out on Savannagh before driving to Disney. My four-year-old is not so impressed, but “I guess it’s not so bad is it?”

We shall go to the ball!….and so we are driving from Charlotte today to Augusta and the Masters, 3 hours, just not knowing how the magical place is set up. I have heard the town is not the most pretty yet obviously has the most immaculate golf course ever. 22-29 degrees it is going to be hot, with some thunder scheduled for Sunday. Remember Faldo in the rain? Hope not this year…

Wednesday looks good though, very variable conditions here) I have been looking at Twitter for some of the early Masters photos. I do like @thorbjornolesen updates and his shots of the course. He is such a top guy and I have a feeling he is going to do really well. I met him at the Dunhill Links briefly with the great Sandy Lyle who also has just come onto twitter would you believe it. @sandylyle1 Talking of Dunhill and St.Andrews, all I need to find now is the Jigger Inn of Georgia… do they have one? Or I might just end up at the Student Union bar….. see you there GM?