A lot of rain overnight in Augusta, tons of it, in fact. So much so that I was forced to take refuge for over an hour in the local TGI Fridays. Now there’s a headline: Man held hostage by burger house as tornado threatens to hit Augusta.

Fortunately, I was eventually able to escape. Not before eating what seemed like half a cow and 14 potato wedges, however. Indeed, food has been something of an issue for me since arriving in this country last Sunday. While I can shove as much junk down my funnel as the next man, the line of hot dogs and chilli pickles served up in the media centre has finally taken its toll on my body. I’ve aged by about five years…

So, sensing a change of approach, I headed for the clubhouse in search of a more healthy breakfast option. Warned before I left England that I must sample this unique delight, it was heartening just to sit down in some pleasant company and surroundings.

Sausages, bacon and scrambled eggs soon arrived – all topped off with great service and the customary smile. Sat next to me in the clubhouse was Chairman Billy Payne, while reigning Champion Trevor Immelman made a fleeting visit before heading out to join Rory McIlroy for his 10.55 tee time.

There has been talk of lunch with our very own Bill Elliott at the same location today. Hopefully it will start to bucket down again. I can handle being kept hostage in there, that’s for sure…

From Augusta

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