Jason Day proved yesterday how much ground can be made up in a single round and I’m excited to see if anyone can replicate that charge today. I have a feeling it will be a little more difficult, as the pins will inevitably be in more challenging positions and the sub-air system will have been working overtime to suck the moisture out of the turf and firm up the putting surfaces.

Still, it’s pretty wide-open at this point and anyone currently under par could play themselves into contention with a super-low score today.

I’m going to follow Martin Laird for a few holes when he starts at 11.45. Firstly because he’s Scottish (I know he doesn’t sound it but he is,) and secondly because he’s in my five-man team for a little sweeper I’m entered in.

Basically, four of us have been selecting five men each day – taking it in turns to pick so nobody has the same players in their side – adding their scores at the end of the round with the lowest total score taking the money. Jock Howard has won both days so far and, although I don’t think he’s going to win again today, I also don’t think I will either. But, I’m going to give every bit of encouragement I can to my men and, you never know.

There’s a set of scales in the bathroom at the GM house and I weighed myself when I first saw them. I haven’t checked my weight for some time but fortunately I was about what I’d been last time I had. Last night I weighed myself again and I’ve put on two pounds in the last four days. It could be something to do with the doughnuts I’ve been eating for breakfast plus the endless burgers, steaks and ice creams I’ve been guzzling. It’s little wonder the average American is a little on the chubby side – there’s just food everywhere.

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