Apologies, but it’s mostly food that steals the headlines for me
today… If you are wondering why there is little, or no mention of golf here, please refer to previous blog

1) Breakfast in the clubhouse, seeing all the players come and go via the Champions Locker room. It is the healthiest choice of food that has passed my lips all week – and it was a glorified fry-up. So what does that tell you?

2) Lunch in the clubhouse. Good company and more tales of the past from our very own Bill Elliott.

3) Learning that my football team, Middlesbrough, had beaten Hull 3-1.
Feel on top of the world for a couple of hours until I hear of
Newcastle’s late equaliser against Stoke. Is the great escape on the

4) Hearing the roars from everywhere else on the course. At least someone was seeing some top quality golf!

5) Looking ahead to tomorrow. Don’t worry, I’m still loving it!

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