SO what an amazing time at the Masters! Practice day, Wednesday and the Par 3 comp. We parked free, walked 100m to gate 9 which took us into the back of 16th, and saw Bubba make his hole-in-one, and then Tiger and Freddy skipping one over the lake. Yes the place is immaculate, yes it is beautiful, I was expecting this, what I liked the most was the people. I never thought I would say that, but everyone was just incredibly friendly! They make a big statement in the program (again FREE) of the patrons being the most important to the tournament, and how they want to make this the most wonderful golfing experience ever. It was.

Straight to the shop, what a great shop! I ran in like a crazed father with little sleep and too over excited. Chairs, iPhone covers, ball markers, head covers, shirts and hats. Once in a life time stuff. Then to the course again and you can put down your chairs in a good vantage point for the day and no one takes them! Everyone respects your chair with your name on it, and it is there for you when ever you come back. Imagine that at St.Andrews??? Just great…. like the feeling at Wimbledon where that seat is yours for the day.

So up the hill we walked to the par 3 competition. Great fun! Saw all the golfers hit to 8th and 9th. Nick Watney made a hole in one and Lee Westwood had a chat to us. What a great guy.

A so for lunch, the “concession area” 4 sandwiches, 2 cookies, 1 beer, 3 waters, crisps, $22!!!! Again makes the place feel special and they are not taking trying to fleece you!

Went to the range in the evening to see Vijay no surprise there, and then walked back down to the car via 18th, then Amen Corner. Just so nice to see the course without the race of the people or having to be quiet for the golfers. Emily loved it, did a log roll down one of the fairways, and I asked one to the green staff what they have the greens speed running at this week…. “sir, I am not at liberty to discuss such a matter!” …. Well that told me!

So an amazing experience, I would really like to do a tournament day as well another year and be back soon.