Having won the 2018 US Masters Patrick Reed's family feud continued. Here is the story of how Reed has become estranged from his parents Bill and Jeannette


Patrick Reed’s family feud

As Patrick Reed holed out on the final green to win the US Masters, the polite applause was a stark contrast to the frenzy of emotion that greeted Sergio Garcia’s triumph 12-months prior. Of course, the final round lacked the same excitement but there is more to this response than meets the eye.

The most notable aspect of his immediate post round celebration wasn’t who was there – his wife Justine, a regular on Tour, was the first to greet him with a kiss – but who wasn’t there. Reed has been estranged from his parents, Bill and Jeannette and younger sister, Hannah since he married Justine at the age of 22 in 2012. Patrick Reed’s family feud continues to unfold and reveals much about the 2018 Masters Champion.

Patrick Reed has, ever since his elite amateur days, been a controversial character. At the University of Georgia, Reed ran into trouble – his arrest for under age drinking and having a fake ID resulted in him being handed 60 hours of community service. From a golfing perspective, things weren’t much better. In his book, ‘Slaying The Tiger’, golf writer Shane Ryan details an episode that is still talked about on Tour.

“During a qualifying round prior to a tournament, according to sources close to the team, Reed hit a ball far into the rough. When he approached the spot, he found another ball sitting closer to the fairway, and was preparing to hit it when several of his teammates confronted him. Reed pleaded ignorance, but the other Georgia players were convinced he had been caught red-handed trying to cheat.”

Reed only lasted a year at Georgia before transferring to Augusta State University. Here his golf excelled and he led the team to the unprecedented success of back-to-back national championships. But despite the on course triumph, there remained a rift between Reed and his teammates.

It is this aspect to the Patrick Reed story that perhaps explains the somewhat muted response to his Masters triumph.

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It was during his time at Augusta State that Reed met Justine Karain. At the age of 22, Patrick and Justine tied the knot in 2012 causing a rift between the young couple and Bill and Jeannette Reed who, along with their younger daughter, Hannah were not invited to the wedding. This marked the beginning of Patrick Reed’s family feud.

Despite having since had two children, the estrangement continues to this day. Just how deep the rift had become became clear to the golfing public at the US Open in 2014. Reed’s parents followed their son at Pinehurst during the second round but were escorted from the course at the request for Justine Reed.

When asked about how he felt at not sharing his Masters triumph with his parents in his post round press conference after winning the Green Jacket, Reed said, “I’m just out here to play golf and try to win golf tournaments.”

In a feature from the New York Times, it was revealed that Reed spotted his parents at the Tour Championship in September and they then went to Paris the following week to watch him at the Ryder Cup.

Reed’s team were aware of this and, looking back, it may well go to explain why he lost both of his matches on Friday and Saturday in what was a disappointing week for ‘Captain America’.

He admitted that there is nothing he can do if his estranged family want to attend golf tournaments as paying members of the public and watch him play.

“I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they show up,” he said.

However, at the Tour Championship the Texan spotted his family on the 17th hole behind the green, and admitted that if he had seen them on the front nine “I would have called for security to throw them out.”

There is no doubt the Patrick Reed story is a complicated and controversial one. A supremely talented golfer with the confidence to match, he has always followed his own path. Patrick Reed’s family feud, it seems, will continue to play out in public as the Texan continues on his path towards the top of the world game.