Paul Casey

Earliest Masters memory: Sandy Lyle in 1988. The 7-iron bunker shot and the little jig afterwards. And he was probably the last guy to win with the tassle and flaps on his shoes (laughs).

Favourite hole: Obvious, it’s the 12th. It’s different every day. The flag on 11 blows one direction, then the flag on 12 goes in the opposite direction.

Hardest hole: Maybe 12, but No.1 is sneaky hard. Tough tee shot, trees creep in on the left and the bunker is extremely deep on the right.

How tough? You don’t lose golf balls at Augusta, but you have to be so precise. Augusta is a course that doesn’t reward good shots, it rewards great shots. You can’t get away with any other than great.

Where do you stay? Rent a house with my wife and friends. We always pop over to the IMG house (Casey’s management company) to steal all their food. I pay them so much, I’ve got to get something back (laughs).

Champions Dinner? Fish & chips? But can I serve up chicken tikka masala with poppadoms, naan bread and mango chutney?