Lee Westwood

Earliest Masters memory: Jack in 1986. But just after he made that putt across the 10th, my parents said I had to go to bed. Bit harsh (laughs).

Favourite hole: 11th because when you stand at the top of the hill, you see everything in front of you. Amen Corner with all the spectators down there. That’s what Augusta and the Masters is all about.

Hardest hole: 11 again. You have to go in with a long iron to a narrow green. Bail right and you’re left with a horrible pitch. You have to hit the fairway or the trees on the right come into play. It’s so long now, too.

How tough? The greens are way faster than anything else we play all year. And more severe and undulating, too. If you get into the wrong spot, you’re in real trouble.

Where do you stay? I stay in a house. My dad normally comes, but it’s a Major week and I’ve got to be 110% focused. I get a chef and stay in.

Champions Dinner? Steak & kidney pie, chips and mushy peas. With a nice bottle of Lynch Bages. That ought to do it (smiles).