An update on weather conditions for the third round of the USPGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club in Kentucky

Words: Robin Barwick

At the beginning of the week, the PGA Championship had a video clip on its website from a local pro offering advice on how to play your best in searing heat. They should post another clip with the same guy wearing a snorkel. The rain is back at the 2014 PGA Championship today, and the squeegees are out on the course, as Valhalla’s greenkeepers try to push the surface water away from the main playing areas. Every little bit helps.

“This weather is typical for Kentucky in August,” starts Matt Milosevich, meteorologist with WLKY, a local CBS affiliate TV station here in Louisville. “The high humidity is certainly typical. We often have summer highs in the 90s Fahrenheit, which with the humidity can feel more like 100 degrees.

“This storm system has set up over the Ohio River valley, just to the north of Valhalla Golf Club, and it is regenerating these waves of showers, but luckily there have not been any thunderstorms so far. This afternoon and possibly tomorrow, we might have some thunder and lightning with these showers, which will put a rapid halt on play on the golf course.

“The good news is that the more steady rain we have, the cooler the atmosphere becomes, and it is warmth that acts as more fuel for thunderstorms.”

We are not expecting any sunshine today at Valhalla, during the third round of the PGA Championship, and we are keeping fingers crossed for at least a little sunshine tomorrow for the final round. Right now, there is a 40 percent expectation for rain tomorrow.

“We have far more days in the year when the weather is very nice in Louisville,” adds Milosevich. “So far this summer it has been on the cooler and drier side, but it just so happens that now the eyes and ears of the world are on Louisville, the nastier weather comes in. At least it does not seem to be keeping the people away from Valhalla, and the crowds are braving the elements.”

He’s right, they are, and most of them are wearing wellies.

Robin Barwick travelled to the PGA Championship courtesy of Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz is the official car of the PGA Championship