For many, the US PGA Championship is seen as the least important of the four Majors. Whether it’s because it follows the magical aura of the Masters in April, June’s US Open spectacle or our beloved Open Championship in July, there remains a feeling that it doesn’t hold the same prestige.

However, the fact is that come August there is only one last chance to win a Major. After that it’s another eight months before you get a stab. Money List titles and weekly tournaments are not to be scoffed at, but Majors remain the one thing players crave to add to their CVs.

So, who heads to Wisconsin desperate for a Major? Make no mistake about it, Tiger Woods is one. Talk of being a spent force won’t be sitting well with the 14-time Major winner.

Only one other man in the field can surely be as desperate. Sure, everyone will go into this one aiming to taste Major victory, but a certain Englishman must be sick of coming so close on so many occasions.

Lee Westwood clearly has the game to win a Major, but you get four chances each year. Four chances to beat a world-class field. Four chances to perform at your very best in pressure situations like no other. Having come so close puts Westwood in that ‘desperate’ category for reasons quite different to Woods.

So, maybe this last Major might be something special. It has all the ingredients to provide some fireworks, and not long before the Ryder Cup either…

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