Colin Montgomerie and Corey Pavin hijacked the PGA Championship with a Ryder Cup press conference stacked with no comment and plenty of comment respectively.

Monty has been the butt of jokes amid speculation about his private life. “I know a lot or you are having fun right now at my expense,” Monty said. But that was as far as he was prepared to comment. He did get the best laugh at Pavin’s expense though. Asked if he would pick Tiger, he said: “Oh, that’s a difficult, dangerous and undiplomatic question, but of course I’d pick him.” Belly laughs all round. Some bellies rounder than others.

Pavin, meanwhile, denied a report by GOLF Channel’s Jim Gray that he would pick Tiger. Gray took exception to this and confronted Pavin after the press conference. “You’re a liar,” he yelled at the US Ryder Cup captain. “You’re going down.” Pavin replied: “And you’re full of it.” Mrs Pavin then waded in waging her finger at Gray and shouting. All very mature. All three are now currently standing outside the headmaster’s study waiting to have their bottoms spanked.

Oh yes, nearly forgot, there’s a golf tournament starting today. And Tiger is not the favourite – Phil Mickelson is. Apparently Tiger threw his cap on the floor late last night – and missed.

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